Learn how to play the Gas Station Sandwich mode, Hero Sandwich War mode, and many more tasty varieties of playing HamJack! You decide if you want to play the faster mode or the more tactical mode. Check back for the super tasty solitaire mode!

How To Play HamJack: Gas Station Sandwich Mode

Gas Station Sandwich mode is the faster of the two modes included with your HamJack purchase. Prove that you are the fastest sandwich building around! This is the mode recommended for anyone who hasn’t played HamJack before or for when you like a quicker, less tactical game.

How To Play HamJack: Hero Sandwich War Mode

When you’re looking for a more tactical approach, try the Hero Sandwich war. In this mode the strategy changes. No longer are you trying to prove you’re the fastest sandwich builder, now you’re taking a more tactical approach to take your selected topping to the max and dominate that sandwich! We recommend getting comfortable with the Gas Station Sandwich mode before attempting this one. Phase one plays slightly differently, but phase two is played similar to the Gas Station Sandwich mode.

Solitaire Mode instructions coming soon!